Second American Diagnosed With Ebola Virus |

Click here to sign up for local offers. Nearly 700 people have died in west Africa so far this year. Nancy was part of a team decontaminating people at an Ebola care center in the capital of Monrovia. So Ebola is probably the most contagious, the most deadly virus in the world, said Dr. Seema Yasmin of the University of Texas at Dallas. It spreads through contaminated body fluids, things like blood, sweat, saliva. Symptoms mirror malaria and are flu-like. They include fever and headaches, diarrhea and vomiting, weakness and stomach pain.

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Te Connectivity Deploys Distributed Antenna Systems (das) In Major Stadiums For Champions Cup Soccer

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World Cup Stadiums Let In The Light With Engineered Thermoplastic Roofing |

The sheet offers a high level of impact performance over a wide temperature range (-40C to 120C) and is manufactured to provide a high level of resistance to degradation from UV radiation. Architects also specified Lexan Thermoclick sheet systems to clad the stadium facade. The supplier describes the 40 mm sheets as having a unique five-wall X-structure. The system is designed to provide high light transmission and light diffusion along with a high level thermal insulation. This can help reduce power consumption, by as much as 17%, when compared to traditional double-pane glass glazing. Architects who designed Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, Brazil-a stadium constructed for the World Cup-also went with a Lexan roof. This time the material of choice was Exell D sheet, a monolithic material designed to be very tough but lightweight. The material is engineered to be high-impact, fire, and UV-resistant. It was used to create the 12,900-sq-m roofing and glazing of the new stadium in Cuiaba. The supplier said the material provides spectators an excellent viewing experience with protecting them from changing weather conditions.
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World Cup: How A Group Of Unknown Us Players Helped Brazil Prepare For The 1994 World Cup | Mlssocce

I don't even talk about it that much because people won't believe me. Believe it. During the buildup to the 1994 World Cup on American soil, the heavily favored Brazilians trained at Buck Shaw Stadium, the present day Santa Clara home of the San Jose Earthquakes. With the likes of Romario and Bebeto in tow, the Brazilians began training at Buck Shaw on May 26 and, as it turns out, needed some extra bodies to fill out their 11 v. 11 scrimmages under the Northern California sun. MATCH PREVIEW: Can Brazil salvage third place on home soil? Laurie Calloway was their fixer. A native of England who had become a California transplant during the 1970s, Calloway was well connected in the Bay Areas soccer community after previous playing and head coaching stints with the NASLs Earthquakes and then as the man in charge of the American Professional Soccer Leagues San Francisco Bay Blackhawks during the early 1990s. Working as a liaison for the Brazilian national team during their time in the area, Calloway made some calls for reinforcements.
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World Cup Good For Napa Food And Drink Business

team has been eliminated, he doesnt expect a continued increase in World Cup business, said McCullough. Chad Buer, bartender at the Red Hen, said the Napa restaurant was slammed during U.S. team World Cup matches. I probably did three times normal sales. Were at least twice as busy because of the World Cup, he said. The increase was not a surprise to the bartender. We went through this four years ago, he said. Buer said both regulars and visitors have stopped by to watch the soccer matches. He is also disappointed that the U.S. team was eliminated.
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Medicine Development - Don't Overlook Polymorphism
The repercussions of Abbott Laboratories' antiretroviral drug Ritonavir, utilized to deal with HIV infection and AIDS and troubles with polymorphism has yet to be universally comprehended. Avoiding action has not yet extensively been researched on polymorphism by the global pharmaceutical industry, so it is worth repeating the story.

In 1996 Abbott launched onto the marketplace an effective protease inhibitor Norvir ® that had cost the business over $200 million to establish. The medicine was formulated as an encapsulated ethanol/water solution. In the summer of 1998, the supply of the drug was interrupted by the unexpected appearance of a brand-new crystal kind (polymorphism) at a plant in the USA and afterwards later on at a plant in Italy. This new, more thermodynamically steady polymorphic form had very different physical properties than the earlier product and Abbott was compelled to withdraw the drug from sale. The new type failed dissolution tests and precipitated out within the pills. The business lost an estimated $250 million in sales along with hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to recover the original polymorph while the item was off the marketplace. No doubt lots of AIDS sufferers were not helped by the item's absence. Exactly what appeared to have taken place was that a destruction product obtained throughout production had actually initiated the look of a second crystalline kind, a second polymorph.

So what is polymorphism? It is just a different arrangement a molecule could take on in a crystal. Most medicine molecules are crystalline. That is, the molecules pack together in a particular regular method. Some molecules, possibly the majority of, have the ability to pack together in more than one means and hence generate different polymorphs. A pair of polymorphs may have very various physical properties. Over 50 % of all Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) exist in at least 2 polymorphic kinds.

During medicine development, an initial hunting polymorphism display is designed to find a steady non-solvated form with good characteristics. A later on detailed polymorphism screen is to find as numerous forms as possible in order to exhaustively cover the Intellectual Property space. Constant monitoring is needed throughout development in order to guarantee ongoing control of polymorphism.

What can cause polymorphism modifications? Crystallisation from various solvents may offer increase to various crystal kinds or solvates. Extremes of humidity or heat are amongst the more evident aspects affecting polymorphism. Modifications in polymorphism can likewise be induced as an effect of numerous common phases of API processing such as granulation, melting, spray drying, compression and milling that are required to produce the final dose type.

X-Ray Powder diffraction and Raman spectroscopy are the 2 workhorse techniques used to evaluate the presence and length of various polymorphic kinds discovered during screening. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) and hot stage microscopy are additional specialised methods made use of to characterise various polymorphic kinds.

All is not doom and gloom as the polymorphism characteristics of a chemical compound are patentable. A new polymorphic type for that reason could be used to extend the patent life of a drug. A counter to this is that a new polymorphic form with useful characteristics could be able to supersede a current medicine and effectively 'bust' the initial patent.

It's not surprising to learn that makers & developers of generic medicines actively pursue new polymorphic forms of patented drug elements. This can be a highly litigious area.

National regulatory authorities need that all business register the exact polymorph of any new medicine. In addition, producers have to demonstrate that each polymorph is stable and can be dependably reproduced

Lots of small pharmaceutical companies do not mean taking their drug candidates all the means to commercialisation themselves however to look for to license at an earlier phase. Because of the significant boost in costs as a medicine moves with the center, this occurs. If a polymorph screen is likewise included then the plan is definitely stronger and the licensor can anticipate an additional premium.

During pre-clinical development the quantity of an API that is offered for studies is normally very reduced. Evaluating a wide variety of solvents and conditions should be performed because of that on a really little scale. Systems that can manage numerous experiments at the milligram scale are best. At some labs automated systems can manage approximately 96 well plate formats and carry out experiments at 0.5-2mg scale. Hence the total length of API made use of for an initial screen can be a modest 50-200mg.

Normally, a salt choice task will precede a polymorphism research: when a salt is found that has the most appealing properties, it will be more established, characterised and may be the target of an additional polymorphism screen during the normal course of pre-clinical development.

Polymorphism, in addition to complexing drug development likewise helps drug effectiveness and can ensure that any tough earned work is justifiably rewarded.

Have The Floods Finally Got Britain Worried About Climate Change? | Carbon Brief

Big shifts in public opinion don't come around veryoften. Being around to see one is enough to make a guy like menearly forget the dictum for enthusiasts that, in nearly all cases,most people are paying far less attention to the subject of yourenthusiasm than you think they are. So has there really been an awakening to the urgency of climatechange? Maybe. But probably not really. Here's why: I commented on Ros's article when she was writing it and havenow had time to look a bit deeper at the data.One problem is,the two polls in Ros's piece don't tell the full story. The DECCpoll gave respondents nine issues to choose from, asking them topick up to three. This meant the average score of those nine issueswas 32%. In context the score of 22% for climate change looks lessimpressive; had more issues been included on the list it would havescored lower again. Equally, the YouGov poll has been updated with more recent dataand now tells a less dramatic story.After the spike in concern about the environment in mid-February,the latest poll shows it much closer to where it was before thefloods, though still a little higher: But the best measure is MORI's issues tracker.
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Climate Change And The Floods - Imageo |

Myles Allen, a pioneer of attribution research, has in the past criticized none other than Al Gore for saying something similar to the Future Tense headline above that there is proof that climate change is directly causing extreme storms and droughts. When Gore said that back in 2011, my heart sank, Allen wrote in a column in The Guardian. Thats because human influence on climate is making some events more likely, and some less likely, and it is a challenging scientific question to work out which are which. By itself, the fact that the atmosphere carries more water vapor now than before a point that Holthaus and other journalists emphasized in their coverage doesnt really tell us everything we need to know to assess what happened here. Why? Consider this: Research shows that the most intense precipitation events are likely to produce between five and ten percent more rain than in the past. Thats because for every 1 degree F rise in temperature the atmosphere holds about 4 percent more water vapor.Now lets put that in context.Total precipitable water over Pensacola during the storms (meaning the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere available to fall as rain) was more than 200 percent above normal . Clearly, more water vapor in the atmosphere from climate change wasnt responsible for all ofthat. Even so, attribution research has shown that some extreme weather events were made more likely by climate change.
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Rfp - Evaluation Of Xylem Emergency Response Project | Reliefweb

These activities will place urgently needed income in the hands of those most in need of assistance as well as restoring physical assets in the villages. The objective of this assignment is to do an evaluation of the Xylem Emergency Response Project to understand the projects outcome/s, short-comings (if any) and recommendations. Specific attention will be paid to the achievements as per the Logframe of the Project. How to apply: Interested consultants are invited to submit the following documents (in English) before 15th April, 2014 to : A proposal and confirming availability as detailed above including summary of similar experiences of consultancies and/or evaluation of internationally funded projects along with proposed budget. CV of the proposed members to participate in the evaluation. Due to limited time availability for the evaluation, proposals will be evaluated as they are received and selection will be done immediately if both Mercy Corps and the consultants agree on the terms and conditions.
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The Welding Of Titanium Is A Highly Specialized Job, So We Offer Some Expert Hints To The Beginner.
Welding Titanium items is a challenging procedure and it requires experience of welding and knowledge of exactly how Titanium behaves throughout this process. It is a long lasting and extremely strong metal so it is really popular for use in hundreds of means for market, engineering, manufacturing, medicine, science and technology. While expert welders, experienced with this product will state it is an easy task, this is due to the fact that they understand the metal, exactly how it acts and they understand the special suggestions that make it simple. If you should weld Titanium it is best you get as much suggestions as possible, which you practice if you can. You will find a great selection of welding machines and supplies on This website.

To help you improve your Titanium welding abilities, here are some ideas:.
If you do not understand the differences between welding titanium products and welding steel, Titanium welding can be tough. There is a big distinction in between welding titanium and steel. Both these metals act differently so even if you are experienced with welding steel, you will have to take your time and develop experience with titanium.

You ought to also take some time to understand the best ways to hold the rod and the correct sizes of nozzle to use so that you can create a enduring and clean weld, without sticky residue or unpleasant lumps, bumps or staining. Take additional care when welding titanium due to the fact that the welding rod can get sticky then adhere itself to the edge of the weld, making it weak and unattractive. The very best titanium welders suggest that the welding rod is fed toward the center of the weld which this action will avoid the stickiness.

When the wrong rods are utilized or when uneven temperature levels are utilized, Discoloration occurs. By utilizing the appropriate Titanium rods, and having the required skills to utilize your welding equipment efficiently, you will be able to create a clean and neat weld which will be strong and last for a long period of time. This discoloration can typically be caused by utilizing the wrong kind of welding rod. When it is being done so listen out for this sound, welding with a different metal rod causes the weld to sound like breaking glass. Constantly utilize a titanium rod to weld titanium so that you can be sure of a cool and strong sign up with that will last.

When you are welding with Titanium, the right nozzle size is very crucial. If you are experiencing issues with your welding, you might be making use of the wrong size of nozzle. A professional Titanium supplier, or specialist welder, will have the ability to encourage you about the right size to use so you can continue and develop an ideal weld. Seeing to it you shield the weld is likewise essential. This can be done making use of argon and it is how you ensure you're the sign up with is durable. Varying thicknesses of weld will likewise influence the strength of the sign up with so make sure to shield on both sides for really thin metal plate.

When you are welding with Titanium it is extremely important that you keep everything spick-and-span. The work surfaces, the materials, the welding devices and naturally, the Titanium needs to all be free and really clean of grit, dust or oil before you begin the welding procedure. By being scrupulously clean about work tools, surfaces and instruments, and by constantly keeping the titanium clean, you will wind up with a much stronger and neater weld. Accumulation of any dirt, oil or grease will weaken a weld and spoil the precious titanium.

The perfect Titanium weld will appear like a neat, silver line which joins the 2 pieces of Titanium together. It will be a perfect join, without pollutants, discoloration and no bumps or lumps. It will also be extremely strong and robust. It is best to practice as much as you can in the past you start your own task if you have actually never welded with Titanium previously. Titanium is a costly metal since it is so unique, strong, durable and anti-corrosive. By practising, you will improve your welding abilities and see to it that your job is welded perfectly.

You need to know the following colors. Look out for them as they can show problems with the weld. Purple, blue, pink, gray or brown can all show weak signs up with or incorrect welding.

After practice, you will have the ability to accomplish a perfect titanium weld: a thin neat and straight silver line and a very strong join. All skilled welders will tell you that the more you practice, the better your welding will become.

There are thousands of uses for Titanium in today's modern world. It is considereded as one of the earth's crucial metals because it is so strong, resistant and resilient to deterioration. Industries such as engineering, production, construction, mining, wellness, drilling and medication, science and innovation all make use of Titanium to make parts, devices, precision devices, and more. Within the clinical field, it is used to make medical instruments and to make prosthetic bones which can be implanted in patients. It is likewise made use of in automobiles for alloys and cosmetic pipeline work and likewise for engine parts.

Wherever engineering, science and innovation satisfy - you will find Titanium is commonly made use of and has a vital function to play.

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